Live Presentation

Josh uses his musical gifting, testimony and knowledge of the Word to present the Gospel and share the love of Jesus.  His presentation fits well into church services and can be slightly altered for evening concerts.  A typical service includes 3 elements: worship, instrumental worship and Bible teaching/testimony.


Josh invites the congregation to participate in praise and worship.  Having been raised in the church, Josh knows a broad range of worship songs and hymns and strives to lead songs that will be familiar to the congregation.

Instrumental worship:

God has given Josh the gift to play the bass part, chords and melody all at the same time on the guitar.  He uses this instrumental style to play popular worship songs and hymns depending on a church's worship style.  The Holy Spirit works through these familiar songs to touch and soften hearts.  Additionally, some of these songs can be used for offertory or communion distribution. 

Message and Testimony:

During his first visit to a church Josh often shares a message from Romans 5:1-8, focusing on how we need to respond to the Gospel by coming to Christ as Lord and Savior.  Josh also shares how God uses the suffering in our lives to grow our character, perseverance and even to give us hope.  The goal of this presentation is to point people to Christ and encourage a deeper walk with God.  The length of this message varies based on the allotted time. 


Josh often shares a message that gives an overview of Biblical praise and worship.  The focus is on how praise is often a response to the works of the Lord (creation, provision, deliverance) while worship is a response to who God is (to His attributes and character).  Because of this truth we can worship God even in our worst moments.  Job chapter 1 is a great example of this.


During evening concerts Josh strives to keep the focus on the Lord and maintain a worshipful atmosphere.  When a church desires to add an element of entertainment, he frequently shares some joyful, instrumental guitar music.  Examples of this can be anything from a Gospel Bluegrass version of "I'll Fly Away" to a few of his original favorites such as "Fan Into Flame" or "Ain't Got No Reason to Sing the Blues".

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