Josh Snodgrass is a worship leader, guitarist and Bible teacher who travels the country sharing his love for Jesus.  You may have listened to Josh's instrumental music even if you've never heard of him.  His music can be found in instrumental worship playlists on services such as Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music as well as CBN Radio’s Selah station.   Despite all of this, his mission remains simple, to use his musical gifting to point people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Josh is the son of a pastor who taught him to play guitar when he was 6 years old so that he could serve in church.  He learned to play the old hymns and Gospel Bluegrass, playing both the guitar and banjo.  He grew up hearing the Gospel taught faithfully but fell away from the church after a time of trials led him to question the love of God when he was 16.  His path of rebellion and self destruction led him into all kinds of trouble and by the time he was 21, he came to a point of hopelessness and surrender.   He cried out to God in brokenness one night after considering suicide, and pled with God for forgiveness.  Accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior radically changed his life and he immediately began sharing the hope of the Gospel and praying for the gift of evangelism.

Shortly after coming to Christ, Josh and his father started the Gospel Bluegrass group "The Smoothgrass Boys" performing the songs they'd played in church when Josh was a child.  The group gained regional notoriety and radio play during the 2002 folk music revival which was partially inspired by the movie O Brother Where Art Thou. 

In early 2003, Josh moved back to Seattle where he had previously graduated from the Art Institute with a degree in music production.  He began to serve wherever he had the opportunity to share his music and testimony.  He also started doing short tours in addition to serving on the worship team at his church.  It was at this time that Josh met Sarah and after getting married, Josh began touring, initially performing primarily for youth groups. 

After a few years, the Josh’s musical touring got put on hold because of the arrival of their first baby.  They now have 2 boys (10 and 13). 

In 2012, Josh felt the call to pursue a full time traveling music ministry as a solo guitarist.  Josh's energetic and worshipful performances as well as his accurate and powerful presentation of the Gospel led to virtually every church he performed at inviting him back again.  It has been the references and repeat invitations of so many pastors that have allowed the Snodgrass family to remain in full time ministry for 6 years. 

Josh tours full time serving 120 churches per year.  To book Josh Snodgrass for your event or church service, please visit our contact page.